Know Your Rights: Read by Peter Coyote (14:50)


"Know Your Rights" Award Winning PSA
read by Peter Coyote

MP3 of "Know Your Rights" available for download (13.5 MB):
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Press Contacts (not for public release):
Bruce Nestor President, National Lawyers Guild (319) 351-4567
Riva Enteen NLG Bay Area Chapter Program Director (415) 285-1055
Noelle Hanrahan Prison Radio Project, Producer (415) 648-4505

(July 5, 2002) San Francisco, CA—The National Lawyers Guild’s, Golden Reel
award-winning “Know Your Rights” compact-disc, produced by the Prison Radio Project, is now being translated into other languages like Farsi, Arabic, Urdu, Punjabi, and Spanish for broadcast on non-English community radio stations.

“Know Your Rights”, written by the National Lawyers Guild, narrated by acclaimed
actor Peter Coyote, and produced by Prison Radio, is a dramatic reading of the core
principles in the Bill of Rights and is aimed at immigrants, especially those from the
Middle East, Southern Asia, and other people of color, who may be unduly targeted
by authorities as a result of the September 11 th attacks on the U.S. The production
explains the rights of both citizens and non-citizens, adults and juveniles, and what
one should do if approached for questioning by the FBI or the INS. The CD also
supplies phone numbers to call for legal help and to report hate crimes.

“Know Your Rights” pamphlets are available in Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Farsi,
and Punjabi. The National Lawyers Guild has distributed over 70,000 of these
pamphlets across the country.

'Know Your Rights’ is a wonderful educational tool. It is factual and eloquent in
reminding us of the Bill of Rights at a time when our liberties are being threatened. I
hope that this compact disc will be used in classrooms and community gatherings all
over the country,” said Howard Zinn, noted historian and author of A People’s
History of the United States.

Heba Nimr, an immigration attorney with INS Watch/La Raza Centro Legal and
member of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee said, “During these
times of growing INS and other law enforcement powers, it is critical that
everyone have access to basic information about our individual rights in the
face of repressive state tactics. This CD provides a needed tool in an
accessible format for such community education."

The Know Your Rights CD is currently available in English, please contact the
National Lawyers Guild to place an order or for more information at (415) 285-1055.

For Know Your Rights article in pdf format, in
EnglishFarsaiother languages.