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This is Janine Africa of the MOVE 9 calling from Cambridge Springs Prison in Pennsylvania. I'd like to talk about the values of MOVE, how important they still are because at one point I had a reporter write and ask me, "Did I feel as though the values of MOVE were still relevant and important today?" And I had to tell him, "Of course they are." Things are still just as important to fight for as it was in the 70s. You still have police brutality, you still have unjust imprisonment of innocent people, political prisoners, you still have corrupt politicians –[interruption] You still have the stereotype of the different minorities going on today, you still have animal abuse, you still have abuse of the air, the water, the soil. Everything that John Africa had MOVE fighting against in the early 1970s is still happening today. In fact, things are worse because now they are just shooting people down in the streets and having it recorded on television and telling you that that's not what you saw and there's nothing happening to the cops.


Today they are dumping gallons and gallons of poison in the water, the soil, the air.  And when the babies are being born retarded from it, they're telling people that this can't be from the waste - that there's a legal amount of waste being dumped in the water, but you can't explain the mass birth of babies with cancer. You know, so the things that John Africa had MOVE fighting for in the 70s is still relevant TO THIS DAY.


You got Mumia sitting in there with Hepatitis and they won't give him a pill - they want to wait until his organs are ready to shut down and then give him the pill. What is the point in that? So they're going to do a legalized murder. They couldn't murder him with the death penalty so now they're going to try to murder him through this Hepatitis C. So you see that things that MOVE was fighting for is STILL happening to this day.


MOVE is still important and the message that we have from John Africa, the truth that we have is still relevant to this day and age and people have got to see that. Just as we told them in the 70s it still applies now. This is not a MOVE issue, this is an issue of justice, of righteousness and if you let it happen to MOVE and other political prisoners, then it's going to happen to you. And you see this happening right now today: the people that these cops are shooting down in the streets are not revolutionaries –[Cambridge Springs…] The people that are being shot down today are not revolutionaries.  They are not people speaking out against the government, they are your average citizens that just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and giving these cops an excuse to justify killing them. And this is what John Africa had us telling people over 40 years ago, that this system is like a cancer and you have to cut it out, and stop it or it's going to be at your front door and that's exactly what's happening today.


So MOVE's fight is very relevant today –[intercom interruption]  and you can see it. Anytime that these people can get in a court and go against a judge's order to give people something that will save their lives - a pill. One pill? All they have to do is give these a pill to save their lives and they're not doing it, you have to really look at and question this system that people are living under and realize that the things that MOVE has been saying, that other political prisoners have been saying, is the truth and something needs to be done about it.

[00:04:05.04] Jennifer Beach Prison Radio: Ok, that's great. That's great. So we'll clean that up. Do you have any messages for anybody?

[00:04:14.14] Janine Africa: I want to say to Mumia, that we love him and to just hang in there and never stop fighting because everybody's fighting for him. And no matter what the system does, they will not defeat what's right. And he just has to hang in there and just stay strong and that we're all supporting him and just have him in our hearts. (she is tearing up)

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[00:04:45.10] Janine Africa: Thank you.

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[00:04:50.16] Janine Africa: Alright. ONA MOVE.

[00:04:51.14] Jennifer Beach Prison Radio: ONA MOVE.