Kerry "Shakaboona" Marshall - SCI Rockview

# BE-7826 PO Box 244 Graterford, PA 19426; SCI Rockview, Box - A; Bellefonte; PA 16823 

Shakaboona has been incarcerated for over 25 years after being sentenced to life in prison as a juvenile. Much of the work he does in collaboration with Prison Radio is about issues of youth incarceration and the effect it has on individuals, families and communities. In the latest issue ofThe Movement he writes about the economic incentives of the Prison Industrial Complex declaring that prisoners, and by extention their families, are perhaps the most economically exploited segment of society. Prisoners are essentially "captive consumers" and "captive free-laborers" and the Department of Correction gives tacit approval for corporations to gouge their trapped consumer base. And what happens with the profits gathered from prison industrues? Citing a specific example in his local state, often they are funneled directly back into donation campaigns and to lobby PA legislature! We look forward to further collaborations with Shakaboona. We urge you to listen to the voices of those who understand the prison system from behind their walls. Listen to his Prison Radio commentaries

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