Message to the Youth in Rebellion (2:18) Shakaboona


Message to the youth in rebellion.

The time is now: fight back against the war on black people and use any means necessary in doing so. There are no rules in fighting back. The tactics of violent and nonviolent resistance are both valid civil actions, so use them both according to their circumstances.

The time is now: ain't nothing wrong with throwing rocks at militarized, racist police and forces of oppression during protests. Throwing rocks is an act of civil resistance to the powers that be; just ask the Palestinians in the Middle East.

The time is now: don't be misled by the bought and paid-for cowardly broken Uncle Tom sellout black establishment misleadership of black Christian preachers, black democratic politicians, and black civil rights people who are going to come and to get in front of the rebellion as its leaders. Calls for calm and nonviolent protest, calls to reject violent protest, calls for a march, calls for investigations, and calls to join the Democratic Party and vote as the solution; historically, the enemy uses them as a tool to return the poor and oppressed black people under their control and to a submissive state.

Rebel! You are the leaders you have been looking for and the answers to our problems are within you. The time is now: vandalize predatory businesses and run them out of your community. Then rebuild: all exploiters of the people must go. 

The time is now: seize the time, seek a total transformation of government and systems that are racist and oppressive. You are your own liberators and always remember: when you're right, you can always fight. And when you wrong, you can never be strong. Imagine a brand new world in which we can all live in together and bring into existence. Together we will win.

From the belly of the beast at I am Shakaboona. Thank you for listening.