Nancy Pelosi and Racial Justice Bill (2:28) Shakaboona


Nancy Pelosi calls on CBC for racial justice bill. In the midst of a black-led multi-ethnic national rebellion against racist police murders and oppression, U.S. Representative Nancy Pelosi has recently called on the Congressional Black Caucus to formulate a legislative bill to submit to Congress that will prevent racial injustice within police departments. Representative Pelosi has asked the CBC to create a bill that they may quickly pass it in Congress.

However, Nancy Polosi and the CBC together are the Democratic Party establishment and are wholly bossed and owned by Wall Street's financial institutions and corporations, which has been part of the problems of African-American people for decades. Pelosi, the CBC, nor the Democratic Party, has never had the interests of the working class or the working poor class of African-American people at heart. They gave us the shaft at every turn for the interest of the rich and middle classes of America, while giving we the people racial equality and justice pipe dreams, or feel-good racial empowerment speeches devoid of substance.

Pelosi and the CBC opportunists are now beginning to conspire to get in front of, as leaders, and hijack this national peoples' rebellion to misdirect this energy into national elections and passing a weak legislative bill into law. In place of peoples' natural demand for a radical transformation of the system and the uprooting of institutional white supremacy and oppression within American superstructures.

Don't let this hijacking occur; the grassroots human and civil rights groups must quickly come together to craft its own “the peoples' legislative bill” to push through Congress that will be designed to eliminate the institutional racism, corruption, and oppression against black people by our enemies in blue. If we don't provide solutions to our problem, somebody else will provide solutions for you. Don't be hoodwinked. Avoid the hijack. And Pelosi and CBC and the DNC don't represent us.

From the belly of the beast at Prison Radio, I am Shakaboona. Thank you for listening.