Your Non-Violent Protest Is Not My Civil Resistance (2:24) Shakaboona


"Your Nonviolent Protest is Not My Civil Resistance" by Shakaboona.

The Minneapolis policeman's intentional murder of George Floyd was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back, which sparked the greatest African-American rebellion that the U.S. Government has ever encountered. But let's not get this matter confused.

With all due respect to the Floyd family, this national black people's rebellion is not about the victim, George Floyd, as there has been perhaps hundreds of thousands of black victims like him over the last century. This current national black rebellion and similar past rebellions against police murder of black people before are about unaddressed centuries-deep systemic institutionalized rights, white supremacy and racial oppression against African-American people that have designated black people as less than human for having black skin.

George Floyd may have been the spark that ignited the fire, but his murder or his family seeking justice should not be considered as the fire or the struggle. This is bigger than George Floyd. That being so, people must understand three things.

One, the Floyd family don't get to dictate to black people all the ways to engage in struggle simply because their loved one was murdered by cops, which sparked this national rebellion.

Two, the black people who advocate nonviolent protests as a means of struggle don't have a patent on black struggle for freedom, justice, and equality. So black people may engage in any method of liberation or struggle they deem fit. Besides, we now have 60 years of nonviolent struggle history in America to know that that nonviolent stuff will get you killed.

Third, black people have a powerful history of resistant struggle of civil disobedience and self-defense from state terrorism and white terror groups' extrajudicial murder of African-American people. And what better act of civil resistance than throwing rocks at oppressors like Palestinians. There's many ways to skin an oppressor. Try other ways.

From the belly of the beast at Prison Radio, I am Shakaboona. Thank you for listening.