Khalfani Malik Khaldun

Change is Possible: A Rite of Struggle and Passage

     Today, inside Amerika’s prison plantations a world exists permeated by the reality that the prisoncrats’ repression breeds resistance. And sometimes, the real cause of this resistance is rarely identified or exposed to the general public, because the authorities behind repression do any and everything possible to conceal and to cover up those who are responsible.

     This way, only the negative environmental realities are seen to justify their actions while all positive transformations from prisoners changing their criminal colonial mentalities, are in most cases intentionally suppressed. Having been forced to live inside these plantations for the past 27 years, I was held against my will for a crime that I didn’t commit and in solitary for 20 of those 27 years.

     Change is possible no matter how deep, dark, the holes or windowless cells they hide us in are, devoid of the vitality of nature’s natural sunlight, consumed by severe depression, and clearly overwhelmed by feelings of hopelessness, and poisoned by sensory deprivation that tends to suffocate and rob us of mental and physical health.

     However, conscious men with the burning desire to relinquish all criminal impulses and striving to enhance the quality of our lives, do realize that change is necessary and it is inevitable. The growth of humanity in man will allow us to go through a developmental process, from boys to men, where each stage we gain enlightenment, maturity, growth, and development – this is man’s rites of passage.

     Deny us water and we will die of thirst, for all of humanity needs water to exist. Denying us an opportunity or ability to feed our brains and souls with knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, we will, without a doubt, deteriorate. This hasn’t stopped us from being aspiring revolutionaries, prison activists, jailhouse lawyers, and freedom fighters.

 I am the voice of Indiana’s forgotten political prisoners;

 Bro. Khalfani Malik Khaldun