Media As Message by Mumia Abu-Jamal


New Left Forum 3-17-2012


Community Media As a Revolutionary Organizing Tool Panel Proposal Information


We will examine the struggle that created the conditions ripe for a mass movement of dissent, the American Spring. Throughout the past thirty years, the means of communication have been systematically stolen from the populace. The American media is in danger of becoming a vast homogenized right-wing wasteland. Today the media that was occupied is being reframed to serve the movement for democratic participation. Panelists (3): 1. Noelle Hanrahan: “Community media as resistance to corporate dominance.”Noelle has been on the front lines creating media and utilizing emerging technologies in the Prison Radio program she founded. She will talk about that program and also describe other resistance forces such as Prometheus and Free Speech TV. 2. DeeDee Halleck: “Indymedia, corporate media, and net neutrality”DeeDee Halleck is a founder of Paper Tiger Television and Deep Dish TV. She will address the issue of control of social media by the owning corporations and the dangers this poses for the future, as well as the fight for net neutrality. 3. Sam Husseini: “Raising the stakes: Washington Stakeout”Sam Husseini is the founder of “Washington Stakeout,” ( which features video of prominent guests from Sunday morning talk shows being questioned as they leave the studios. Sam asks the difficult questions that are too rarely by the hosts