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Mike Africa Messge 2017

Alright, this is Michael Africa of the MOVE organization. On a MOVE. After a five-month wait, I finally got a response back from the parole board, which was denied for the eighth time for most of the same excuses: not admitting guilt, lack of remorse, negative recommendation from the trial judge, negative recommendation by the prosecuting attorney. The negative report by the trial judge is a new one - they had to dig deep for that one because he's been dead for over 30 years.

Last time they gave me a five-year hit, this time they gave me a one-year hit. The other six times was somewhere in between, and ah which is what they've done to us all and they intend to play this thing forever. I'm not gonna spend much time talking about the parole board. Most people who listen to Prison Radio already know the games they play - especially with anyone they consider a radical. And also know they will break every law they've ever accused MOVE people of breaking in order to keep us here. People suggest that we try the courts to correct the parole board, but it was a courts that gave us the sentence. And the courts that denied all those appeals and of course it was the court that sent all those people to our home to attack us in the first place.

We're not in jail for the crime the court convicted us of, we are in jail because of our resistance for asserting our right to self-determination, for up holding our belief in freedom as exampled by our founder, John Africa. Which, as they know, had nothing to do with weapons, but everything to do with a commitment to freedom for all life. As John Africa himself explained during his closing statement of that 1981 trial entitled, 'John Africa vs. the System,' "I have been a revolutionary all my life. Since I could understand the word 'revolution' I have been a revolutionary because don't you see, a revolutionary simply means 'to turn, to generate, to activate.' It don't mean it should be evil and kill people and bomb people. It simply means to be right. If this world didn't revolutionize, everything would stop. If your lungs didn't revolutionize, you would stop. You didn't get no heart from the system, you got the heart from the reference that they are trying to stop us from believing in end quote" Long live John Africa. This is the only weapon we've ever had. this is the only weapon we've ever needed. And this is the only force MOVE has ever directed at the system: The Truth. Long live John Africa.

In natural law MOVE trusts, all praises to the order of life, the power of truth is final, long live MOVE, long live revolution, long live John Africa, long live John Africa, long live John Africa. OnAMOVE.