American Dreams: American Nightmares (3:07)


Black America and the Fight for a Place to Call Home 
By Laura Gottesdiener 

Zuccotti Park Press 
Available in paperback and e-book editions 
ISBN: 978-1-884519-21-5 
128 pages | $14.95 Publication date: August 15, 2013

The ongoing economic crisis has created one of the longest and largest mass displacements in U.S. history. While profiting from government bailouts, banks have evicted more than 10 million Americans from their homes, their life savings, and their dreams. With humanity and power, Laura Gottesdiener tells the heroic stories of the ordinary people who organize against foreclosures, fight against the banks, and win.

Told through the eyes of four homemakers—a grandmother in Detroit, an entrepreneur in rural North Carolina, a mentally disabled man in Chattanooga, and a mother in Chicago—A Dream Foreclosed presents a people’s history of the U.S. housing crisis and the rise of a people’s movement for economic justice, dignity and freedom from foreclosure. Woven throughout the page-turning narrative are clear explanations of the origins of the crisis, the history of public housing, and the limitations of the profit-driven housing system.

Drawing on the victories, debates and actions of organizers across the country, A Dream Foreclosed is the story of a nation traumatized by a predatory financial system and the inspiring efforts of people who rise up to organize, defend their homes, and fight back against corporate power and greed.

Laura Gottesdiener has written for Ms. magazine, Huffington Post, The Arizona Republic, The New Haven Advocate, and Waging 
Non-Violence which she posts to regularly. She was actively involved in the Occupy movement and lived in Zuccotti Park from early October 2011 until the police raid in mid-November 2011.
 A Dream Foreclosed is her first book