Days of Chaos (1:59) Mumia Abu-Jamal





[col. writ. 1/21/18] © ’18 Mumia Abu-Jamal


Ask yourself one question: What have you seen in the last year in America?


Unless you’ve been asleep, you’ve seen pure, unadulterated chaos in government.

Government - not of action - but of reaction.


Government by emotion, roiling from one extreme to the next.


Government - loud - and wrong.


The nation’s chief executive is, according to his own cabinet members (!), either an idiot or a moron. (take your pick)


Loud, bellicose, uninformed, opinionated, crass, rude - and, yes, nasty.


If you’re in your 50s, I’d bet you’ve never seen anything like it.


A bull is loose in a china shop, wrecking everything within reach.

 The world looks on, with alarm; and a sense - a growing sense, that the American Empire is moving into its last days.


A paranoid president knows nothing, except how to transform allies into enemies.


The stock market is racing, yes - but can you not smell a bubble about to burst?


Washington is in the grip of amateurs, and knowledge, wisdom and reason are on vacation.

We witness government by insult, by name-calling, and by lies great and small.


And the world spins on the precipice of madness.


The US Empire - Behold!


Empire of Chaos.


--©’18 maj


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