To Our Supporters (1:57) by Mumia Abu-Jamal


To Our Supporters


On this

my sixtieth year of                              life

I am compelled to share with you

all my supporters

a sense of thanks beyond anything you have ever heard

and anything I have ever said


For I am here               among the living

because of each and every one of you


All of you        known and unknown

who have joined us in this battle for life liberty and justice

Some of you have been beaten

Some of you have been jailed

Most of you have been threatened

Yet you have continued the struggle no matter what for years          for years


We are not where we want to be

But we are here because you are there

Your struggle has become our struggle

and it has touched many many people the world over


Make no mistake

I breathe today because you fought for my breath

The state hates you and attacks you because you fought for me

with me every step of the way


I am humbled by your support and energized by it

Struggles like this prove the possible

And we are not done

They have had to rewrite laws for us

But like sunshine         like rain

we just keep on moving

keeping on coming 


I thank you all for what you have done and what we have yet to do

I love you all.


On the Move

Long live John Africa

For freedom


From in prison nation this is Mumia Abu Jamal