Protest the Ban: Listen and Take Action Keep Mumia Abu-Jamal on Phillys WURD!


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Mumia's interview with WURD is posted here.  Background: For making this phone call, to WURD (which prerecorded its broadcast and held it till July 3rd). Mumia's received his first write up (since 1995 also for literally writing) and now is being prevented rom recording commentaries and using the phone.

The Prison on Friday July 28th instituted a 15 day phone ban!, simply because Mumia called Michael Coard, Esq.  to prerecord an interview for  WURD in Philadelphia!.

Break the Silence.  Make sure that Mumia's voice will be heard. Take action to insure that Mumia can make continue to record commentaries and make telephone calls.  Also it is very important that we demand that Mumia has access to contact family visits with his son. 

Make sure that Mumia Abu-Jamal will continue to be on WURD  every 1st Wednesday on Radio Courtroom with Michael Coard WURD.  The show begins at noon, the first two segments has begun after 12:30.  

Hear Mumia on WURD onRadioCourtroom.

August 7th

September 4th 

October 2nd