Mutope Duguma - CSP Calipatria

Mutope DuGuma was incarcerated at California's Pelican Bay State Prison in its notorious Security Housing Unit. He is now at CSP Calipatria. He was one of the thousands who participated in the two-month hunger strike protesting California's use of indefinite solitary confinement and other inhumane prison conditions.


Power of the People

‘We the people’ have to realize that we have power in numbers, whereas, we prisoners of all racial makeups demonstrated in our peaceful protest to end solitary confinement in California as we knew it.
Yes! Our prison human rights movement (PHRM) was/is about demanding that we humans, who happen to be prisoners, be treated humanely by those who wield power over us!!! Which can be easily carried out in many other struggles/causes whereas, the powers that be have overstepped its boundaries in relations to human beings, where they deny common (poor) people the right to affordable housing, sustainable pay, and subject people to police brutality, mass incarceration, inadequate educational institutions, genetically modified organisms—i.e. foods, and environmental genocide, etc. that can all be successfully challenged whereas, we, the people use the power of the people to peacefully protest where there exists an economic consequence for any and all who transgress against humanity.
We have to understand that we live in a world that is driven by greed!!! Whether it’s on a microcosmic level, it’s the same contradictions, i.e. problems that are being carried out against humanity throughout the world. The only real action that will end such a power is the power of the people.
I salute the oppressed and all who are living in love and strength…
One love, one struggle, one result!!!!