Reflections on the "Other Race"



Church of Caesar or Church of Christ

Reflections on the “Other Race”


© Mumia Abu-Jamal. March 21, 2012



                A couple of weeks ago I mailed to Mumia a copy of my syllabus for the course I teach at Princeton Theological Seminary, entitled, “Critical Race Theory as Theological Challenge.” It’s a course looking at Christian theology’s roots in white supremacist Western culture, and at the ways Christian theologies have often served, sometimes, to help resist white racism.


                Mumia responded by sending me the following audio essay. My approach to racism insists on taking seriously the way Western economic exploitation, with its colonizing imperial and racist practices, is also entangled in the repression of women and patriarchal repression. Mumia’s essay here is right on that topic, and challenges Christianity for its past and present legacy of oppressing women, even as he uncovers those repressed Christian spiritualities that celebrated women’s leadership. Mumia brings his own research and readings to this important issue, going well beyond the readings of my course. It’s a precious gift to my class, another generous step of liberating and visionary faith from this “voice of the voiceless.” Listen, read, enjoy – act!


Keep movin’ everyone for this man’s freedom,


Mark Lewis Taylor

Educators for Mumia Abu-Jamal

Professor, Religion & Society

Princeton Theological Seminary