Prisoners Concerned with COVID-19 (3:20) Shaka Natambu


Shaka Natambu in San Quentin prison on Death Row. Prisoners concerned with COVID-19.  How will it reach the population? Not if but when it will spread through the cell blocks. Having seen how the flu virus hit us, 19 is a whole different monster. How do you fight the unknown fifteen in prison? Yeah right!

Wearing masks, washing hands, cleaning daily, and it doesn't seem like that's enough to slow down this beast of a virus. An airborne virus in the cell blocks. Ventilation is not perfect. When they pepper-spray someone close by or down in the way, pepper spray gets all of us, even with fans on high blowing it out. On Thursday the 16th, they gave us hand sanitizer and then our masks on the 20th.

Alarms went off. My mind keeps time asking itself ... Who else tested positive? Prisoner or guard? Was this the beginning? How will they react? No phones, no showers, no canteens, no water, or all the above? How does people stay safe in unsafe environments? Quarantine.

Inmates will try to hide their sickness because quarantine means going to the AC - worst unit in San Quentin. Tough to clean new cells, because we know AC guards didn't sanitize it after the last six prisoners moved out. By keeping quiet, we’ll only help the virus spread and hit all of us, some harder than others.

I never thought I was even think that San Quentin was to face the beast. This virus is in other prisons. Don't know how bad things are there. Just know that, with each passing a day, more is known about this COVID-19 and giving us a chance to fight to survive this in San Quentin. Call me crazy, but I find it hard to believe there's more cases in San Quentin. I do believe the officers will work hard to keep a safe environment to work in, self-interest of course. We have no choice than to deal with this beast, every day in prison or out, we must fight this.

Following up. I hope that if I get sick, I'm the last one to get sick. There's no empty cells in AC, then they won't be able to move me. I know that cell I'm in is clean, and I can deal with fighting off this virus in a clean and safe space.