Troy Thomas

Asar Imhotep Amen aka Troy Thomas is a naturopath physician, cultural historian, writer, keraetologist, spiritual life counselor, lecturer and Keraetic priest. Asar specializes in ethnomedicine and African psychology, which is the usage of disease remedies and diagnosis based upon the biochemistry of a race. Asar is the founder and director of Creative Growth and Development Associates, a culturally oriented consulting organization dedicated to the dissemination of ancient African (Kemetic) history and metaphysics. Dr. Amen is a graduate of the California Institute for Integral Studies, where he earned M.A. and N.M.D. degrees in Interdisciplinary Studies and Naturopathic Medicine. Send our brother some love and light: Troy T. Thomas, H-01001, A2-209U, P.O. Box 4430, Lancaster CA 93539.