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Lets Keep The Liberation Going

Delbert Africa is free. Chuck Africa is free. We are starting this new decade strong - it shows that what we're doing is working and it is all happening quickly. Decades' worth of work culminates in these next few years. We still need to get Mumia out.

Chuck Africa is Free! Next up Mumia

The wheels of justice often move very slowly in our country, but we are picking up speed. Chuck Africa is now free! He was the youngest of the MOVE 9 to be arrested after the horrific events of August 8th, 1978. The groundswell of grassroots activity in Philly has brought MOVE members home starting with the release of  Debbie Africa in June 2018 to Chuck Africa, the morning of Friday, February 7th, 2020.

Fires in Australia

The world is burning. Mumia does not mince words - his latest commentary on the horrific fires in Australia sees what is called "fire season" a sign of things to come.

Freedom is Now in Sight

New evidence, recently found, and surpressed for decades, could be the key to relief for Mumia Abu-Jamal.


Joe McGill and Ed Rendell, trial prosecutor and DA, respectively, manipulated evidence and framed Mumia Abu-Jamal for first degree murder in 1982. Six boxes of undisclosed case files labeled “Mumia Abu-Jamal” were found in a furniture closet last December by new DA Larry Krasner. Here is the exculpatory “Brady” evidence that was inside:   

Breaking News: Mumia Granted Right of Appeal

Mumia Abu-Jamal was convicted of the 1981 murder of Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner but has always maintained his innocence. On Thursday, a Philadelphia judge ruled Abu-Jamal can reargue his appeal in the case before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. The judge cited then-Chief Justice Ronald Castille’s failure to recuse himself from the case due to his prior role as Philadelphia district attorney when Abu-Jamal was appealing. 


Listen in to hear his response.

May 30: End Philly DA Cover Up's!

On May 30 at 2PM join Mumia supporters and others as we hold a press conference, rally and march to fight for Mumia and all who suffer criminal injustice in Philadelphia. Here's an update on our political situation of struggle now:


Sputnik News Celebrates Mumia's 63rd Birthday: Interview with Ramona Africa, Dr. Anthony Monteiro, and Noelle Hanrahan

Today is the 63rd birthday of Mumia Abu-Jamal, perhaps the most well known of the political prisoners currently being held in the United States. Mumia is also in court today, as his supporters will take to the streets in Philadelphia. His lifetime of struggle, beginning with his membership in the Black Panther Party, has been an inspiration for generations of activists, and his case has been taken up by those seeking social justice across the world. But Mumia is far from the only political prisoner being held in US prisons today.


On April 24 – Pack the court to win freedom for Mumia Abu-Jamal

All Out for Mumia

Hearing in his criminal court case "Cook v. Commonwealth".  Presiding judge Leon Tucker. 

April 24th Monday Rally outside 8am.  Hearing at 9am.  

1301 Filbert St. Justice Center

6-9pm Resistance Matters Rally at Arch St. Methodist Church 55 Broad St. in Philadelphia