Prison Radio

We’re racing against the clock. With only four hours left to raise $2,000, we’re sharing a call from our correspondents inviting you to support us. You can listen to their voices here

“Prison Radio has brought you the voices of those behind the walls, the fastest-growing public housing development in America….For this and its other works, it deserves your generous financial support.”

—Mumia Abu-Jamal

“Prison Radio is important to me because it lets us have the freedom of expression that we don’t normally get in prison.”

—Kerry Shakaboona Marshall

“I came in at 16 years old and had to grow up in prison. All my life I didn’t have a voice, but doing Prison Radio has saved my life.”

—Natalie DeMola

“I really appreciate Prison Radio, because it’s actually going to get the message and the word out and give people the opportunity to understand what is going on.” 

—Reverend Edward Pinkney

Help us get to $35K before the clock strikes midnight! 

When We Fight, We Win!

Miranda Hanrahan
Prison Radio Staff