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Immediately before the far-right brazenly attempted a coup, the eyes of the nation were on the people of Georgia exercising their right to vote.

Our support of Georgia’s grassroots organizing should extend to the people living inside Georgia’s prisons. “Immediate steps are needed to change the trajectory of Georgia’s prisons. 2020 will be a record year for inmate deaths, not merely because of the failure to address and manage Covid-19, but also because of record numbers of homicides and suicides,” says Susan Sparks Burns, founder of They Have No Voice.

THNV has created a Sustainable Corrections System Proposal consisting of 32 Steps To a System We Can Support. Among their goals: the human right to health care. THNV founder Burns notes, “All facilities housing at least 500 inmates shall have an adequate level of medical staffing 24/7/365. At no time shall facilities housing 500 or more inmates be without on-site medical staff.”

Georgia incarcerates 970 per 100,000. A rate higher than most countries in the world, including the United States’ national average. 

Data collected by Prison Policy Initiative

Residents inside GDOC face such tortures as extended time in “yard cages” that resemble dog kennels. 

Yard Cages at Phillips State Prison in Buford, GA.

Call for Correspondents in Georgia
Prison Radio is looking for new correspondents in Georgia! We’ve had correspondents there in the past, and now we want to hear from more folks. If you have friends and relatives inside, please have them contact us to record a commentary! They can call (415) 648-4505 to reach our recording staff.

It is this reaching across the walls, and airing of these crucial voices, that builds the type  of solidarity that we will need for the fight ahead. 

Decarceration Now!
Decarceration is more urgent this year than ever. Georgia’s Governor Kemp, like all Governors, needs to grant mass clemency to all over 55, pregnant, and to those with pre-existing conditions.

Decarceration is the only chance to control the virus both inside and outside the prisons.

Prison Radio will continue to liberate voices from the inside while keeping our supporters up to date. We appreciate your continued support

When We Fight, We Win! 

Jen Szenay & Noelle Hanrahan, P.I., J.D.
Prison Radio Staff