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With over a million deaths worldwide and DOCs reporting 30-60% Coronavirus infection rates, incarcerated persons have many reasons for concern. Reports from 2020 show that horrific conditions magnified by the impact of the pandemic have created inhumane unlivable conditions, and yet even in the midst of this pandemic, incarcerated persons continually face a wall of stigma.

They need representation more than ever. 

According to Sergio Hyland, the pandemic has lifted the veil of the prison system’s unwritten policy of inhumanity: 

“When it comes to prisoner’s rights, our only real hope is for public involvement.” says Sergio, a correspondent from Pennsylvania. He continues, “The mainstream media, whose job it is to report facts, seem to be noticeably quiet on the topic of human rights abuses in prison. On the rare occasion that they do report on prison issues, it’s because the violation is so egregious that it can’t be ignored.” Prison Radio provides first-hand accounts of the reality behind the cement of Americans Prisons. Sergio, one of our many correspondents, highlights a common issue prisoners face.

Prison Radio provides a platform to feel heard, to have a voice, to participate in a community that respects their struggle, and to close that necessary gap in communication. And we need your help to continue that work. Donate today to our spring fundraiser. 

“The hard truth is that prisoners have no real recourse. When violated, our best and only option is to report that violation to the violator and hope that he or she holds themselves accountable: a dream scenario which has never once happened in the history of relationships between the oppressor and the oppressed,” says Hyland. 

As the family member of someone serving a death sentence by incarceration, I urge you to tune in to Prison Radio often. Please continue to support the movement by sharing the commentaries and social media posts with your friends and family. Our incarcerated loved ones and the families need the added support Prison Radio offers to continue maintaining hope under such oppression. 

Prison Radio will always be a trusted representative to the people on the inside. In the words of Hyland, “You don’t have to take my word for anything: do your own research. But in your journey to find the truth, if your moral conscience tells you that everything you thought you knew was wrong, I hope that you find the courage and fortitude to then do what is right.”

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