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We have 2 days to raise $7,418. We need your help.

It’s a big ask. It’s a tight turnaround. We’re up against the wire. Can you help us?

We have 2 days left to reach our goal of $35k to sustain the work that Prison Radio has been doing for decades. We need you to help us bring in $2,500 each day today, tomorrow, and Wednesday. 

This is the home stretch. We’re counting on you to help us finish strong. 

As an intern at Prison Radio, I’ve witnessed incredibly powerful work accomplished by a handful of staff and interns on a shoestring budget. We’re a small and scrappy organization and we run entirely on your support. With that support, this fall we’ve been able to take on some extraordinary projects:

Mumia Abu-Jamal’s 3rd and final book of the Murder Inc. trilogy, Perfecting Tyranny, just hit the printers last week, and should be ready by the end of the year. We’re working with Jericho Philadelphia to build an online platform called “Voices in the Whirlwind” where our correspondents can share their stories with the public on their own terms. We’ve amplified direct action campaigns on behalf of those battling COVID-19 in prisons. 

And, of course, we published a slew of topical commentaries from our correspondents covering the most recent chaotic onslaughts of history—just as we have done every year since our founding. So far, we’ve recorded over 150 commentaries giving us a first hand account of COVID-19 behind bars, insight into police and prison guard brutality, and analysis of the current social unrest.

For the three decades, our broadcasts from inside have sparked radical discussions of the prison-industrial complex, and that’s a tradition that we will continue as long as we are still here to pick up the phone.

Help us keep that phone on. 

Donate to Prison Radio today. We can only do this work with your support. With two days left on the clock, we need you to open your wallets and make as generous a contribution as you can afford. 

Help us keep the fight alive. Help us keep our people’s stories on the air. Help us crank up the volume so that our leader’s voices will be heard. 

Two days left. Seven thousand, four hundred, and eighteen dollars. Help push us to the finish line.

Join us.

When We Fight, We Win!

Bea Phi
Staff Member Prison Radio