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Friends, Supporters, and Family of Prison Radio,

Time is nearly running out. With only 12 hours until our campaign deadline is up, and we need to bring in $4,500. Please help us make it the finish line

This unparalleled year has taken so much out of us. Combatting this mass scale pandemic while in the thick of a global racial uprising has been no easy feat. It is crucial, now more than ever, to continue unapologetically protecting our incarcerated family. 

Because of our unflinchingly abolitionist stance and our refusal to censor our correspondents’ journalism, we almost never get grants from foundations. We rely entirely on your donations. Only you can close the $4,500 gap between us and our $35K target, and today is the last day to do it. 

Our small but mighty team has worked hard this year to expose the malpractices of this system of incarceration. It is our duty to lay bare its intrinsic injustice, its shocking cruelty, and its frailties, because our lives depend on it. Our incarcerated friends’ lives depend on it. As long as we are not free, we will not stop fighting to undermine this brutally violent, white-supremacist regime. 

We are in a time of unprecedented leverage. Now more than ever before, people are opening themselves to imagine a world without policing, prisons, and state-sanctioned harm. The shapers of this new world are our incarcerated friends. We must continue fighting to push them to the forefront of this revolutionary movement. 

It just could not be done without your support. Every single gift matters. It is like oxygen. Help us keep breathing. Help us keep fighting. 

Only 12 hours left. Donate now.

When We Fight, We Win

Angeline Etienne
Prison Radio Staff