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Prison Radio works with many correspondents who use their stories and voices to further the cause of abolition and liberation. Peter “Pitt” Mukuria is a powerful voice who is currently held at Red Onion State Prison, Virginia

Pitt was born in Nairobi, Kenya, and is currently the Minister of Labor for the Revolutionary Intercommunal Black Panther Party (RIBPP). He is also on the steering committee with the Incarcerated Workers of the World / Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee (IWW / IWOC). Pitt writes on a variety of topics, from abolition to the COVID-19 pandemic, to inequality in America, and more. 

One of his recent commentaries “BPP Free Food Program”, focuses on the free breakfast program started by the Black Panther Party in the late 1960s. Pitt writes “the free food program was unequivocally the most essential program for it directly met the people’s most basic need: food. The message was relatively simple: we are you, your problems are our problems.” He explains that the RIBPP, based in New Jersey, has implemented a similar program in their community. They prepare meals as well as distributing free groceries to those in need. Pitt’s beliefs in community action and care as we see in writing, are clearly reflected in the RIBPP’s actions. 

Pitt’s activism is explicitly intersectional; he believes that “a revolutionary man prides himself on being supportive of gender equity.” His further musings on patriarchy in the revolution can be found at this link. His commentaries range from political analysis, such as his remarks following the failed right-wing coup, to more personal reflections, such as his meditations on toxic masculinity. 

Pitt not only shares his ideas through his writing but also through his beautiful visual art. His Instagram @pittpanther_art showcases his works, many of which focus on abolitionist visions and portraits of people he is inspired by. 

Pitt loves to make new friends and speak with those also in the fight for abolition. You can email him through JPay by setting up an account or send him a physical letter addressed as follows: 

Peter Kamau Mukuria
Red Onion State Prison 
PO Box 1900 
Pound, Virginia 24279

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