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This year has been a brutal one for incarcerated people. The COVID-19 pandemic has raged through U.S. prisons, shining a harsh light on the inhumanity inherent to incarceration. And in the throes of a respiratory epidemic, the west coast faces its worst fire season in recorded history, with heavy smoke and ash filling prisons like Solano while the state corrections department refused to evacuate or decarcerate. 

At the same time, a popular uprising demanding racial justice has taken hold across the country, with the demand for abolitionist solutions growing louder and harder to ignore. As activist and author Lisa Fithian wrote, crisis is the point where change becomes possible. We are in crisis now if we ever have been, and facing that crisis, our demands for change must be guided by those who know the most about the prison system; by those who understand better than anyone what it is and how to dismantle it. 

At this critical moment, Prison Radio’s work has taken on a renewed urgency. We must look to leadership from those inside the prisons. Only by hearing the voices of the most impacted can we chart our collective path towards justice and freedom. 

This summer, we have been airing commentaries from more people inside than ever before. We have welcomed new correspondents, many of them calling in to report on COVID-19 spreading in their homes, even as the country tried to bury the prison epidemics out of public sight and mind.  

We cannot do this alone. Today, we’re asking you to donate to help us build on the success of 30 years amplifying prisoners’ voices. 

Will you pitch in today to turn up the volume on journalism from inside? We need to make sure that people in prison have every resource they need to share their voices.

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Zez Wyatt
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