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A 60% Infection Rate

Dear Friend, Since the beginning of this pandemic Michigan’s grassroots organizations have been asking Governor Whitmer, and the appointed Director of the MDOC Heidi Washington, to handle this crisis with public health and human rights… Read More

Quest For Justice

Dear Friend, In the time of great crisis, there is immense opportunity. The grassroots quest for justice on every front has gotten clearer and stronger. Our demands for a more just and peaceful world will… Read More

Families On The Inside

Dear Friend, My name is Jennifer Szénay. I’m a mother, student, advocate and daughter of a lifer. My passion as a prison abolitionist was born out of three decades of arduous lived experience within a… Read More

We Stepped Up!

Dear Friend, We need you.  Please consider a gift of $100, $75, $35 or even $1,000 dollars.  We need to raise 10K in the next week to keep our lifelines to prisoners open.  The time is… Read More