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Mumia's Goddard Commencement Speech

Dear Friends,
Goddard College students have selected Mumia Abu-Jamal as their commencement speaker at a ceremony to be held in Plainfield Vermont on October 5th. Fox News & the Philadelphia Inquirer are leading with the story. 
The mainstream media would do well to listen to Mumia's illuminating and insightful commentaries at Prison Radio. If you support us, support Mumia, and support the truth that Mumia speaks in each broadcast, now is the time to join as a member.
There are many around the world who have always valued Mumia as a truth-teller and an educator. You can view this 45-second powerful clip from "Mumia: Long Distance Revolutionary" featuring Alice Walker, Ramsey Clark, and Mark Lewis Taylor speaking about Abu-Jamal's important place in education.
Mumia's ability to speak truth to power represents a clear challenge to American hegemony. So much so that the U.S. Senate, President Obama, and the mainstream media continue to make the fact of his voice and his survival a touchstone - a national issue.  As John Edgar Wideman notes in his brilliant essay "Why Mumia Matters to the Nation and the World":
"African-American culture, in spite of the weight, the assault it has endured, may contain a key to our nation's survival, a key not found simply in the goal of material prosperity, but in the force of spirit, will, communal interdependence.
Because he tells the truth, Mumia Abu-Jamal's voice can help us tear down walls - prison walls, the walls we hide behind to deny and refuse the burden of our history."  



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