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Thank you.
Hello Everyone, It's ur brother Shakaboona. I trust everyone is keeping distances & remaining safe during this COVID-19 pandemic we're experiencing. Through this COVID-19 crisis, and worldwide Black rebellion due to racism & police murders of African Americans, I have been inspired by people from all over by their deep expressions of empathy, love, humanity, & courage. I have been internally moved by three (3) things over the last few months.

Celebrating Re-Entry

These past two years, a remarkable number of political prisoners have been released from conefinement. Let's celebrate their recent releases by donating to their re-entry funds. Please, donate and share if you can.

More police won’t quiet the rage from this weekend | Opinion

I feel very fortunate. I have a baby boy, I’m married to the love of my life, and I’ve been able to stay safe during this pandemic. My meaningful work with families who have lost loved ones to violence, and who have lost loved ones to incarceration, has moved mostly online. After a cold spring trying to entertain our child indoors, I should be looking forward to a (socially distant) summer.

Adilson Neves: Petition for Furlough Enrollment

To: Noelle Hanrahan

From: Adilson F. Neves W98473

Date: May 1, 2020


Re: Enclosed Petition To D.O.C. Commissioner


Dear Noelle,


We Can't Breathe: On the Lynching of George Floyds by Kevin Rashid Johnson

On May 24, 2020, a crowd of onlookers witnessed the slow death by asphyxiation of a handcuffed Black man in Minneapolis. This was a public lynching.

Letters from Kerry Shakaboona Marshall

These are letters directly from Shakaboona on COVID-19 Prison Update

Frances Goldin: Presente

Frances Goldin was ferocious. There is a place on this earth for beautiful, fearless and courageous women. She never once turned her back on a fight.