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The Prison Is Lying: Mumia's Family Being Denied Visitation Today


Mumia's Family Can't Visit


We are in the ICU waiting room at the hospital, not 20 feet away from Mumia's door. SCI Mahanoy Superintendent John Kerestes has told us that Mumia's wife Wadiya Jamal and older brother Keith Cook will be prevented from visiting him today, Wednesday April 1. 

This is an outrage! We demand family visitation rights and transparent updates on Mumia's critical condition NOW!

Our calls worked last time. We NEED the same mobilization today. Pressuring the prison is the only way Mumia's family will be able to see him. 

CALL NOW and demand that Mumia's family can visit him at the medical



SCI Mahanoy- Superindendent John Kerestes
570-773-2158 x8102

Schuylkill Medical Center