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Take Action Today! Help Counter Censorship

-and win a free DVD & Mumia book-

Our ranking on IMDB has been artificially brought down by racist, anti-Mumia trolls and this is hurting the film getting out to as many people as possible. We MUST raise this rating.

Here’s how we can do it together, it’s simple:
If you go to IMDB and vote for the film, and write a very brief review, you will be eligible for this inspirational giveaway – a copy of “Long Distance Revolutionary” (which includes the explosive short film Manufacturing Guilt) as well as one of Mumia’s books… and all you have to do is vote and write a very brief review. The drawing for 10 grand prizes will be announced on Nov 20.

You must register with IMDB (they will not bother you) – it’s easy… use your email, FB, Amazon, or Google account to register and go to the Mumia page below. Rank the film; if your first name begins with A thru G vote “10” - H thru P vote “9” and Q thru Z vote “8”

Once you vote, send us an email at - tell us how you voted, what your IMDB screen name is, and you’re in.

It’s our way of saying thank you for helping us help Mumia. And best of all, you’ll be helping to spread the story of Mumia’s struggle around the world. Your action will help to free this innocent man, this remarkable revolutionary.



Steps for setting up an IMDb account in

order to rate the film about Mumia:


Please don’t let the length of the passage below alarm you!  The steps can be completed in less than four minutes, but they were a little confusing for the earliest voters, so we are providing more detail to make them easier to follow.  (Although the IMBd website is not “user-friendly” at first, once you’re on it, it becomes much easier to navigate, and you can always use it to help support other films you like).

Rest assured that your account with IMBd is free, because this ranking service welcomes viewer feedback, and you’ll never be bothered with solicitations or ads.

1.     Go to the homepage for the IMDb ranking service by left-clicking on its link (URL in this sentence.  You can also reach the homepage by left-clicking on the yellow IMDb logo that appears below this list of steps.  If you cannot get to the homepage just by clicking on the link in the first sentence here or on the logo below, you may be able reach the homepage by holding down the “Control” button on your keyboard and left-clicking on the link above or the logo below.  If all else fails, which is unlikely, you can reach the homepage of the website by entering the URL ( in the search field for the internet browser you use (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Foxfire, or another).

2.     Click “login” in the upper right corner of the IMDb homepage.

3.     Registering for an account

a. If you have a account, click on “google,” enter your username, and enter your password.  Click “accept.”  You can also use your Facebook or account to register.

b.  If you don’t have a account, it’s a little more complicated, but not too much more!  You can just use any email account that you have for your personal use.  Follow these steps:

1)    Fill in the username you use for your personal email account.

2)  Fill in a password you want to use for the IMDb account (do not use the same password you use for your personal account; be sure to pick something different, even though the username for both your personal account and your IMDb account may be the same).  Keep this log-in/registration page at the IMBd website open as you complete the next step.


3)  The IMBd site will instantly send to your personal account an email as soon as it has your username and password.  Open your personal email account and open the email you have just been sent.  Click on the email message in the field provided to let the IMBd program know that it has been given a correct email address for you (the whole point of this step is for IMBd to verify your email address!)

4)  Return to the page that you kept open for logging in and registering on the IMBd site, and you should find a confirmation notice that you are now properly registered.  There may be a button saying “accept,” or something similar—it will be the last thing you need to do to register for an account, if such a button does appear (can’t recall days later, but it was a clear action…).  You are at last registered!

4.     To rate the film:

a.                 Go to the IDBd homepage.

b.                 The search field (or space) for entering the name of the film that you want to review is at the top center of the homepage. That field has the words in it, “Find Movies, TV Shows, Celebrities, and more...”  You cannot delete those words, but you can just type right over them the title of the film you want to rate.  Then hit the search button or “enter.”  (You will type “Mumia:  Long-Distance Revolutionary” in the field this time, of course!)

c.                  You may have to hunt around a little bit on the film’s site that appears, but you will find everything you need to rate the film. Where it asks for a rating in number of stars (the higher, the better) click on the 10th star (the highest rating), and, if you wish, leave a comment.  So that reviewers will not look like robots, Prison Radio is recommending that those with first names from “A thru H” give a rating of “10 stars,” from “I thru P,” 9 stars, and “Q thru Z, “8 stars.”  Just click on the number of stars you want—anything 8 or above would be great (and, of course, well-deserved).


5.     Logout (remember your password if you want to post ratings for any other films in the future).  Your IMBd account will keep a history of films you have rated and/or commented on that you can access whenever you log on in the future.)


If we can make these instructions clearer, please let us know how at your earliest convenience.  Time is critical in getting out the word!