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Adilson Neves: Petition for Furlough Enrollment

To: Noelle Hanrahan

From: Adilson F. Neves W98473

Date: May 1, 2020


Re: Enclosed Petition To D.O.C. Commissioner


Dear Noelle,


We Can't Breathe: On the Lynching of George Floyds by Kevin Rashid Johnson

On May 24, 2020, a crowd of onlookers witnessed the slow death by asphyxiation of a handcuffed Black man in Minneapolis. This was a public lynching.

Letters from Kerry Shakaboona Marshall

These are letters directly from Shakaboona on COVID-19 Prison Update

Frances Goldin: Presente

Frances Goldin was ferocious. There is a place on this earth for beautiful, fearless and courageous women. She never once turned her back on a fight.

Prisoner's Voices are Rising Up

The New York Times recently reported on the international crisis of overpopulated prisons during this pandemic, describing a riot lasting over 9 hours in a Buenos Aires penitentiary leaving 23 inmates dead. They climbed the roof burning mattresses and waved a banner that read "We refuse to die in prison."

Avoidable Deaths in PA: Yvonne Harris and Rudolph Sutton

Rudolph Sutton, was the first person to Die of COVID-19 at a State Correctional Facility, SCI Phoenix in Collegeville Pennsylvania. He was a lifer who spent 30 yrs in prison, and had a pending innocence claim with the Temple Innocence Project.
Our deepest sympathies go to the family of Rudolph Sutton.

2% is Not A Reprieve, It Is A Death Sentence

Updates from the Frontline of COVID-19:
All of us are looking straight into the maw of death.  Don't be confused. We have not dodged this freight train. 
Stalking the crowded halls of prison, the disease is on the move, gaining force by the hour. Every day counts. Judges, politicians, and prison hacks are either going to act with sufficient moral courage or they will face the wrath of accountability of those they are condemning to die—guards, prisoners, prison staff, family members, and people in nearby communities.    

From the Frontlines of COVID-19

Dear Friend,

I have never agreed with the Pennsylvania State Correctional Officers Association before, but now, on this issue, I bet we can all agree:

It is time to empty the prisons.

The stakes could not be higher. It is life or death.

Lets Keep The Liberation Going

Delbert Africa is free. Chuck Africa is free. We are starting this new decade strong - it shows that what we're doing is working and it is all happening quickly. Decades' worth of work culminates in these next few years. We still need to get Mumia out. We still need to take down the oppressive system of mass incarceration that put those men in prison. There is so much work to do, but Delbert and Chuck's freedom is proof that what we are doing IS working. 
Chuck and Delbert Africa both liberated this year.