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Mumia Abu-Jamal: A Black Radical Who Matters For Our Time

Johanna Fernandez for The Huffington Post:

"In our lifetime one American, not unlike Austin Reed, articulates uncomfortable truths -- about the centrality of black oppression to the project of American capitalism and empire, the unbridled racism of the U.S. justice system, the unfinished project of American democracy, the horrors produced by war, and the possibilities of a liberated society not just for black people at home, but for everyone, everywhere. He seeks to give ordinary people a sense of their own power and to inspire those on the margins of society to stand up and fight.

This man is Mumia Abu-Jamal."

FAIR Covers "Muzzle Mumia Act"

Listen to the interview here.


"A proposed Pennsylvania law aimed at silencing Mumia Abu-Jamal targets our right to hear as much as his right to speak. Why aren't more journalists up in arms? We'll talk to one who is: Daniel Denvir, senior staff writer at Philadelphia City Paper."

We Made It!

thank you from Prison Radio

Two Worlds, One Enemy: Ferguson and Political Prisoners

The night there was a welcoming home for longtime imprisoned revolutionary Sekou Odinga, there were also thousands of people in the downtown streets of New York City, indeed in over 170 cities across the US, filled with anguish and rage over the killing of yet another young Black brother and the killer cop not even indicted.

Breaking News! Oakland Unified School District to Repost Common Dreams

What a rebuke to the Fraternal Order of Police.  Thank you for having an independent and scholarly review.  YAHOO. More on this soon. 


BREAKING: Pennsylvania legislatures introduce Political Repression bill following Mumia's Commencement Address

Pennsylvania legislators are trying to stop prisoners from speaking about their ideas and experiences. We are taking action on October 14th!

Mumia's Goddard Commencement Speech

Dear Friends,

Goddard College students have selected Mumia Abu-Jamal as their commencement speaker at a ceremony to be held in Plainfield Vermont on October 5th. Fox News & the Philadelphia Inquirer are leading with the story.

August 1st Noelle Hanrahan Speaks in Syracuse NY


Noelle Hanrahan, founder, Prison Radio

“Prison Radio broadcasts the voices of prisoners to honor their humanity.  With your help, we continue to challenge the media to tell the truth.” Noelle Hanrahan

"Mumia: Long Distance Revolutionary" Street Legal Cinema