Postcard Addressed to Mumia Abu-Jamal


Cover image is a new panel based on © Martin Tarvers/Judi Bari Mural


A beautiful postcard addressed to Mumia, featuring an updated version of a solidarity protest mural for causes including Mumia’s freedom, environmental justice, and Native American sovereignty.  The back of the postcard features a special letter to Mumia, with a place to write your own message.

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Back of postcard reads:

“Here and there in the barrios and the favelas, among those who have least, beat hearts of hope, fly sparks of overcoming.”—Mumia Abu-Jamal, author of the collection of radio essays Writing on the Wall (City Lights 2015)

Dear Mumia:

Please know, as you are fighting for your health, so are we.  We promise to protect you – and your intellectual contributions to our movement for justice.

[Add your own message here]

Toward justice and freedom,

[Add your name here]