When We Fight We Win!

by Greg Jobin-Leeds & AgitArte, New Press (Jan. 2016) TwentyFirst Century Social Movements and the Activists that are Transforming Our World


“As protests and demonstrations sprout across the land, young organizers and activists need to know why and how movements are sustained, and how they grow. That resource has arrived. It’s a slim volume, chock full of artwork, entitled When We Fight,We Win!. The core of its message is that social movements really matter, and when they are smart, adaptive, determined, and focused, they can win against tremendous odds. For such movements change minds, they transform consciousness, and they build social power that their opponents cannot resist. They echo, in action, the words of one of the greatest black leaders in American history, Frederick Douglass, who said, ‘Without struggle, there is no progress’.”

—Mumia Abu-Jamal


“This wonderful book, When We Fight, We Win! portrays vividly, and creatively, how alone we may seem small, but together we can become a powerful force to make a better world.       —Noam Chomsky


When We Fight, We Win! will give a whole generation of readers the chance to celebrate and benefit from a remarkable decade of activism—a decade that shows just how ripe these times are for social transformation.


FEATURING an Interview with and artwork

by Kevin “Rashid” Johnson (Prison Radio Correspondent) Paperback $17.95 — 208 pgs.

Available for order at www.prisonradio.org Release date January 6th 2016



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