Prison Radio

Theory does not solve issues—only action and solidarity can do that—but theory gives you language to fight, knowledge to stand on, and a humbling reality of what intersectional social justice is up against.

—Bettina Love

On Abolition

At Prison Radio, we believe in abolition, and we believe that abolition begins by posing the question that Angela Davis posed: are prisons obsolete? By exploring that question, we reach groundbreaking conclusions about the infeasibility of carceral institutions and the possibility of enacting justice in more productive ways than punishment. In that case, educating ourselves on abolition is an imperative to moving toward the world that we want to see. That means studying the achievements of past and present movements, theorizing on the ways that systems of oppression intersect, devising radical solutions to problems that must be addressed at their root, and so on. As abolitionists, we at Prison Radio would like to share learning resources that we have found to be important to our education so that you may find them helpful to your education as well.


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