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Israels War Against International Law

Mumia Abu-Jamal

When we think about war, we often assume that, in war, all things are possible. That may be because wars break all rules. That may be true, but it doesn’t make it legal, for countries… Full Transcript

We Need Access to Programming

Darren Stanley (KnowledgeBorn GodAllah)

This is Charley Hughes, better known as Sheik Bilal Abdul Salaam-Bey, currently housed at the Hutchinson Correctional Facility in Hutchinson, Kansas. This piece is titled “Programs”. A lack of vocational and rehabilitation programs in the… Full Transcript

Dark Corners Of My Mind

Charles Carpenter

These commentaries are recorded by Prison Radio. This is Charles Carpenter and I am currently SATF [Substance Abuse Treatment Facility] at Corcoran. I’ve been incarcerated since August 13, 2002. This piece is called the “Dark… Full Transcript

Cell Blocks: Young, Gifted, and Black

Kevin “Rashid” Johnson

This is “Cell Blocks Full of Young, Gifted, and Black,” by Kevin “Rashid” Johnson.  If ever you want to discover a place of boundless treasure, where sisters and brothers can be found with talents beyond… Full Transcript