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  • 55 years old
  • Currently at SCI Phoenix

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Derrick Gibson has published 9 commentaries. Latest commentaries:
Title Duration Date
Statewide Action Lawsuit 01:38 04/08/24
A Call For Unity 01:09 01/17/23
SCI Phoenix on Lockdown Again 01:55 08/06/21
On Restrictive Release List Of Solitary Confinement 01:36 07/13/21
Sentencing of Derek Chauvin 01:39 07/01/21
8 Years In The Hole 02:27 06/11/21
Support the George Floyd Policing Act 01:17 06/01/21
Investigation of Abuse at PADOC 01:54 05/24/21
Litigations Against PADOC 02:10 05/17/21

Contact Info

Smart Communications/PADOC

SCI Phoenix

Derrick Gibson, JP2190

PO Box 33028
St. Petersburg, Florida, 33733

“Black lives matter. And when I say black lives matter, I emphasize and expose the fact that black and colored people, whether in prison or out in society, male or female, armed or unarmed, are systematically targeted, subjected to brutality and abuse, oppression and death at the hands of the so-called law enforcers at alarming rate. And that I refuse to accept it as I continue to struggle to support the call. Silence is complacency and unacceptable, and supporting resistance is greatly needed.”

Derrick Gibson


Derrick Gibson is currently located at SCI Phoenix. He is a published author who says, “My main intent is to bring these issues to the forefront of my community through the press to the masses … I want to take the opportunity to expose the injustice and inhumane treatment that goes on behind prison walls.” His book titled Before Orange was the New Black can be found at major vendors.


Title Date

Before Orange Was The New Black (Derrick’s Book)

Derrick Gibson Exposes Pennsylvania’s Inhumanity at SCI Forest