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  • 52 years old
  • 29 years of incarceration
  • Currently at SCI Coal Township
  • Sentenced to life without the possibility of parole

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Bryant Arroyo has published 32 commentaries. Latest commentaries:
Title Duration Date
American Criminology Society 04:40 12/01/23
Anatomy of America’s Wasteful Industrial Complex 03:36 05/15/23
Waster Convergence: Anatomy of America’s Wasteful Prison Industrial Complex 04/24/23
Smells Like A Job for Title 9 Tidal Wave 02:43 01/23/23
New York People’s Forum 06:34 04/25/22
Green Theme Speech 05:36 10/21/21
Psychological Impact of Solitary Confinement 07:09 09/14/20
Psychological Impact of Solitary Confinement 07:54 09/14/20
Bryant Arroyo Speech for Fourth Annual Toxic Prison Conference 10:33 06/16/19
Secret Superfund Site 04:29 04/20/19

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Contact Info

Smart Communications

Bryant Arroyo, CU1126

SCI Coal Township

P.O. Box 33028

St. Petersburg, FL 33733

Support Info

Genesis Hernandez:

Ray Arroyo:

“This is survival mode. When you’re backed into a corner, you fight to live.”

Bryant Arroyo


Bryant Arroyo is currently located at SCI Coal Township. He is, according to friend and mentor Mumia Abu-Jamal, “the world’s first jailhouse environmentalist.” He earned that title after successfully organizing his fellow prisoners against the construction of a $400 million coal gasification plant that was slated to be built 300 feet from SCI Frackville—a plant that would have poisoned the environment around the prison and the nearby community. Because of his fearless activism, the project was ultimately scrapped.

Sentenced to life without possibility of parole for a crime that he did not commit, Arroyo has since fought tirelessly for the betterment of himself and his fellow prisoners. With educational materials for English language learners nearly nonexistent, he tutors his fellow Spanish speakers using the Workers World newspaper. He has spoken at Harvard University and Haverford College, testified at a roundtable discussion on prison conditions in Center City Philadelphia, and been the keynote speaker at the 2018 Yale Environmental Forum. He is currently fighting against the for-profit privatization of the prison mail system, encouraging his fellow prisoners to boycott the mail service entirely since the 2018 implementation of draconian new policies in which inmate mail is sent to a for-profit third party where it is opened, photocopied, and stored on private servers.