Prison Radio


If you would like to volunteer an hour or more a week, please complete this form.

Prison Radio needs your help! We need help with a range of things. Some projects can be done remotely: for instance: transcriptions, social media, station outreach, foundation research, grant writing, book promotion, web support. Some projects can be done in either our Philly or SF offices: archive support, recording correspondents, order fulfillment office support (in SF), and book promotion. Please reach out to us and we can find a way to get you involved, even if it is only an hour per week!


If you are interested in an internship, please complete this form.

We offer a summer internship for current students taking place from June until late August (flexible start and end dates). 

You’ll get to:

  • Learn firsthand what running a grassroots non-profit is like
  • Design and implement educational and fundraising social media posts to engage an ever-widening community of allies and activists
  • Collaborate with passionately committed, inspiring folks in our office and beyond
  • Have amazing conversations with incarcerated journalists, poets and artists from around the country!
  • Develop useful insights and practices in the ongoing struggle for justice and representation in the context of this country’s harmful institutions

This is an unpaid, hybrid in-person and remote internship that requires a minimum 5 hours of work per week with flexible hours according to the schedule of the intern. The program aims to give interns direct exposure to the workings of an abolitionist nonprofit and build organizing skills, prison literacy, and more. Interns will have the chance to gain experience in writing, editing, researching, social media work, creative design, and more.

Prison Radio was founded on the principle that a valid national dialogue about our modern prison system must centrally include the voices of prisoners. As the United States continues to practice imprisonment in a way never before seen in the history of the world and on a scale that surpasses any other nation, Prison Radio combats this reality by opening the airwaves to prisoners and for those on the outside to hear them.

Reporting prison conditions, documenting life on “the inside”, and participating in national dialogue are just some of the ways that prisoners have been able to publicly contribute to impacting the deleterious effects of imprisonment. The purposes of our combined investigative reporting with a large-scale public education campaign are to:

  • Challenge mass incarceration, state violence and racism by amplifying the uncensored voices of prisoners 
  • Help shift public opinion toward a more humane view of prisoners 
  • Help spur public motivation to look at root causes that create crime and poverty
  • Help expose the injustices of mass incarceration and the prison industrial complex

What We’re Looking For:

A dedication to challenging mass incarceration by amplifying the voices of prisoners is essential. We’re also looking for energy, self-motivation, and smarts. Experience or the willingness to learn new skills in one or more of the areas below is preferred:

  • social media and web
  • administration
  • audio recording and editing
  • video production
  • design
  • sales
  • organizing
  • research
  • fundraising
  • phone banking
  • writing
  • mailings