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Bambi Nicole King

Dear Friend We would like to bring your attention to a matter of utmost urgency concerning Bambi Nicole King, a transgender inmate currently incarcerated at the Wabash Valley Correctional Facility in Indiana. On a recent call, Bambi described… Read More

Calls From The Valley Of Death

On Thursday  Krystal Clark tried to reach us.  The prison blocked her call.  GTL, the prison phone service, dropped her number.   Our staff engaged with the prison phone system and worked relentlessly to reestablish contact. And… Read More

There Is Always A Back Story

As I emerge from the sterile lobby of SCI Mahanoy, I always feel drained.  On my last visit I was bone tired, sad, yet undaunted.  The warm hug Mumia and I shared standing in front… Read More

Leonard Peltier Caravan

Join Prison Radio in Washington DC on September 12th.  Pack the Capital.  It is beyond time to bring all of our people home.  We acknowledge Leonard Peltier, of AIM, a courageous political prisoner who remains in American prison, behind bars,… Read More

Black August Letter Writing

Register Here: Write On! We know that the power of the movement comes from connections to the inside.  Tangible real letters, phone calls, and visits.  The building blocks of trust, bonds, and family ties.  We… Read More

Dogs Days

The last days of August are always the hardest to make it through. It’s true for us here at Prison Radio too! Olivia our office manager’s pup It is the end of summer, folks are… Read More

Ruchell Magee

“My fight is to expose the entire system, judicial and prison system, a system of slavery,” says Ruchell Magee. “This will cause benefit not just to myself but to all those who at this time… Read More

Joadanus Olivas

“Be honest. If you owned California, would you end incarceration in prison?”  Joadanus Olivas continues,  “Probably not. It’s too good economically. It’s all about numbers.” Joadanus has been incarcerated since he was sixteen years old. Now,… Read More

Please Support Prison Radio

As the founder of Prison Radio and as someone who has been on this journey for decades, when a person makes a gift, I feel hope and a renewed resilience.  It literally means that we have… Read More

Becoming Abolitionist: A Lawyer’s Radical Vision “The only way that we are going to get people to have a decent, equitable future is to completely re-envision this entire rubric that is suffocating and killing our people,” says lawyer Noelle Hanrahan. More… Read More

Supporting our work

In all the noise of the strange colonial holiday of the Fourth of July, Prison Radio keeps liberating voices.  In June we recorded Mumia Abu-Jamal, Bilal Muhammad, Krystal Clark, Torrey Braxton, Maximilian (Ian) Streisel, Joadanus… Read More

Stop Copy City

Stop Cop City in Atlanta is a vital movement that seeks to stop the construction of a “training” center for the tactics of mass incarceration. This pivotal, nation-wide struggle deserves all of our attention: the… Read More

Bilal Muhammad El Paso Texas

“Obama was president when I was arrested, then Trump,” Bilal Muhammad said.  “Now Biden will be campaigning for presidential reelection… I felt like this matter would all be cleared up in a day. Days turned into weeks,… Read More

Shaka Hearing Update

Thank you for standing with Marvin “Shaka” Walker.  Earlier this month we sent you the below message.  We are resending it today because we are at a crossroads.  In this moment we are honoring the… Read More

Shaka Update

After much consideration, Marvin “Shaka” Walker has accepted a plea bargain from the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s office.  He is eligible for expedited parole (because he was a teenager when arrested).  After four decades… Read More