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As the founder of Prison Radio and as someone who has been on this journey for decades, when a person makes a gift, I feel hope and a renewed resilience.  It literally means that we have made a connection.  That we can reach you, and count on you to spread the word and take action.  It means our correspondents are not out there fighting for freedom alone.   

When I spoke with Mumia last night, he told me the amazing news that Ruchell Magee will be coming home, after 67 years of wrongful imprisonment!  The welcome news is spreading like wild fire across the networks.  The work of the Coalition to Free Ruchell Magee was deeply inspiring.  Hats off to those folks. 

Prison Radio is a vital avenue for people inside to lead the movement towards abolition. We honor their courage, vulnerability, and clarion calls for justice by helping them tell their stories. 

Two years ago Naykima Hill put a bright spotlight on the inhumane treatment of women at Huron Valley Prison.

“It’s like our lives don’t matter. We have no ventilation. We have no heat here. It’s very cold. Two showers for 36 women. There is mold. They are doing us so inhumanely. There’s no sprinkler system. If a fire break outta here, we’re cooked. And I don’t understand how they — they allow us to be here. The warden is in violation of the Eighth Amendment to be free from cruel and unusual punishment.” —Naykima Hill

Women of Huron Valley painted by Oakland based artist Jessenia Rose

Inspired by Hill’s commentaries, organizers in Michigan joined with the women inside to mount pressure on the governor for rapid decarceration.

Krystal Clark, (Huron Valley) is one of our most dedicated correspondents. She is fighting to receive medical care for unresolved health issues made worse by the unsafe conditions and mold growing within the Michigan prison. Krystal faces retaliation for her efforts to connect with the outside world. She wants listeners to know that she’s so grateful for support in the struggle for humane care.”

Prison Radio is by their side. We continue to broadcast these women’s voices!

The fight is not over.

Across the country prisoners are speaking up!

• Spoon Jackson, CDC Solano CA, works with Rabbits of Realness, a group of diverse creatives inside and out who make art. Spoon said we are revealing “feelings that express our inner true lives unashamed, wise and authentic.”
• Kenjuan Congo Jr., SCI Chester (PA) has recorded about legislative issues happening in Pennsylvania, as well as debuted a long-form podcast with our intern Lucas Meyer-Lee called From the Other Side.
 Joadanus Olivas, CDC Kern Valley (CA), is doing regular commentaries and reflections on his relationship to physical and mental health.
• Bilal Muhammad, El Paso County Jail (TX), is on fire and our newest colleague. He has recorded a biting critique of the jail, exposing corruption and the methods jails use to strip individuals of their rights to a trial.
• Mumia Abu-Jamal, SCI Mahanoy (PA), revered journalist & academic, called in with an environmental perspective on the Canadian wildfires “Red Horizons”.
• Maximillian (Ian) Streisel, ODC (OH), describes his environment in the astute series “Places Like This”.

Those who are directly impacted by the prison system are the ones leading the conversation on how to dismantle it. Our correspondents’ voices reach thousands of listeners each week on hundreds of radio stations.

Our correspondents are talking about closing the toxic prison for women in Michigan, joining forces with the folks trying to prevent a mountaintop prison being built in Kentucky, and shutting down Cop City, 

We invite you to listen. To give. And to change the future. Join us.

When We Fight, We Win
When We Survive, We Win
When We Love, We Win

Noelle Hanrahan, Esq.