Prison Radio
Spoon Jackson

Hello, this is Spoon Jackson of Rabbits of Realness Network, and on Sunday, the 11th at Santa Cruz University, there will be an art show. And we are welcoming anyone and everyone who wants to come. And there’ll be water coloring there, poetry, original music, and be able to hang out with rabbits. So there’s also rabbits on the year of the rabbit.

And Rabbits of Realness was founded by Spoon Jackson, me, and Sara Marie Bottaro, who’s my art partner. And I’ve been incarcerated for a long time. And we have a vision to connect artists and then human beings anywhere on the planet. Most of the artists shown are currently or formerly incarcerated, but a lot of them are not. And the artist cannot really, in their talent, be incarcerated or they’re not artists in my opinion.

Come visit the show to learn more about their inner rabbits and explore your own. Rabbits of Realness Art Show comes from the heart, of heart of any kind that expresses realness, truth, journey and justice. Realness that expresses our inner rabbit who lies unashamed, wise and authentic, join our rabbits with love. The year the rabbit is upon us, and dreams and visions float across the skies, like heavy dark clouds.

This is Spoon Jackson. And for Sara Marie Bottaro and for Madison, who set up the show at University of Santa Cruz, this is our first show. And your inner rabbit, whatever it may be, may it be inspired. There will be snacks at the show too. Thank you very much. This is Spoon Jackson.

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