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  • 66 years old
  • Currently at California State Prison Solano
  • Sentenced to Life Without Parole

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Spoon Jackson has published 60 commentaries. Latest commentaries:
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Haiku and Lockdowns 05:31 06/13/22
Fellowship 02:32 05/17/22

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Contact Info

Spoon Jackson B92377

California State Prison: Solano,

P. O. Box 4000

Vacaville, CA 95696


Spoon was sentenced to LWOP (Life Without the Possibility of Parole). He turned his life around in prison through remorse, self-examination, and hard work in numerous rehabilitative programs. He learned to process and express emotions and developed into a mature, empathetic humanitarian with a social conscience. Spoon has a large international audience deeply moved by the wisdom he’s earned during his incarceration. 

He’s had four books published: “By Heart,” a memoir written together with the late Judith Tannenbaum, his former teacher and mentor; “Longer Ago,” a book of poems; and two additional books of poetry published in Germany (one of which was translated into German). He has written hundreds of articles published in numerous magazines; his poetry has been included in several anthologies; and he’s won six writing awards. He’s acted in plays and collaborated with artists. Spoon and his poetry have been featured in four documentaries made by film makers from Sweden, Canada and Germany. He’s had poems turned into songs by Ani DiFranco, a Swedish choral group, as well as others.


Title Date

No Beauty in Cell Bars


Spoon Jackson keeps writing poetry after 41 years in prison

By Heart

To My Big Sis, Judith Tannenbaum, from Spoon Jackson

Spoon Jackson’s Album