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Spoon Jackson

And we got an exhibit happening at Santa Cruz University on June 11, and the art will be from Realness folks, and the theme is “Inner Rabbit,” expressing your inner rabbit.

If you want to get an example of that, you can go to our Instagram, @rabbitsofrealness, and see the type of lines we came up with and with the images and drawings we came up with. Ani DiFranco, a friend of mine, even contributed, got image in a line she came up with for Rabbits of Realness.

But I wanted to let people know, on June 11 at Santa Cruz University, there’ll be an exhibit of Rabbits of Realness, expressing your inner rabbit. So I hope people who hear this, some of you will go, and it’s being done by a university student over there named Maddison Hwang. So anyways, she’s putting on the show, and she took it upon herself to create the whole thing, and as one of her producers, I went about helping finding people, got other artists from around the world. Hopefully I got a couple of young friends with Sweden who will contribute.

And also Maddison, she’s a writer and an artist, and she wrote this poem that I think people can relate to, and I want to read it and put it out into the world for her. She said I could do that, and it’s called “My Enemy.”

My bed is my enemy.

The day that I spent trying to ignore my worries always find me at my bed.

I fought it as long as I can, knowing once I lay down, I will be met with the crushing weight of my anxieties, anxieties of who I am, who I was, and who I might become.

What did I do wrong? Everyone hates me. I hate me. The harsh words thrown at me began to steal my breath.

My nights become a battlefield rather than a time to rest. A war sparked by feelings of uncertainty and insecurity. When will it end? How will it end?

The name of the album is called “No Moon” by Spoon Jackson, Nicholas Schneider, Fury Young and Die Jim Crow Record Fund.

I was afraid this would
happen the way the night
looks with no moon
The way the wind whistles
off the back porch

You want to love me
How can I tell you
I have a life
but I don’t have a life

What can I tell you
Shall I tell you about
the bars that don’t speak

or the razor wire that
longs to sever
the throat
or the cold winds
that bounce off the emptiness

Shall I tell you
about the trees 200 yards away
across the river of electric wire
How the trees haunt me
like the smell of barbeque
the scent of a mountain meadow
the sight of crimson painted toes.

Across the river, across the fields
across the hills
there is wine that belongs
to no one

What can I tell you
Shall I tell you about
the lovely women
I never had

Shall I tell you
about the moon fading away
like a piece of hard
round candy

I was afraid this would
happen the way the night
feels with no moon
the way the wind whistles off

the back porch pushing
on the screen door like ten cats, like ten mad
men fighting.

The Rabbits of Realness artwork and show comes from the heart of any kind that expresses realness and truth, journey and justice, feelings that expresses our inner rabbit, true lives unashamed, wise and authentic. Join us at Rabbits of Realness with Love.

This is Spoon Jackson, and welcome to the Rabbits of Realness first show, and may your inner rabbit, whatever it is, be inspired. Please express your inner rabbit in a notebook and remember, realness eats raw meat and does not waver nor drifts on the currents. They have the staying power of the sun. Realness walks only in thy own shoes.

These commentaries are recorded by Prison Radio.