Prison Radio
Spoon Jackson

Okay, this is Spoon Jackson from Solano State Prison.

And I wanted to put out on the line that me and my art partner Sarah Marie Bottaro are looking for sponsors for our Rabbits of Realness booklets and Instagram. And if you go to the Instagram of Rqbbits of Realness, you’ll see what we are about, and we are hoping for that and for interns to help with the project, and they help with the website, so anyone is open to that, to being mentored by poets and artists and painters and other people, I would appreciate- appreciate it if you would contact me.

And another thing, I just want to let people know that I got kicked out of Shakespeare because, I don’t know, this overzealous, power hungry person, and she does not know what Shakespeare is, and she wasn’t even a part of Shakespeare, she was way back in the back of the gym, she came up to me and told me that I wasn’t participating in the rehearsals, which was wrong, got the director from the streets who does know Shakespeare has shock in her face and all the other participants in Shakespeare had shock in the face, so when I went back the next week, this person Lamelle had picked me out of Shakespeare.

And so now I’ve been taken out of the radio program here at Solano, I’ve been taken out of the creative writing class here at Solano, and now I’ve been taken out of Shakespeare, so I’m just letting people know that if they want to write to anybody here, the warden or something, and asked them why I am being denied participation into the arts in Solano State Prison, please feel free to do that because it would be appreciated.

But on the other side, I’m going to continue to create, I’m gonna continue to write poetry, I’m going to continue to do Shakespeare, and I do private Shakespeare over the phone to people who want to hear me do Shakespeare. I’m even trying to learn how to sing, so that I can sing over the phone.

Anyway, thanks for your time and please check out the Rabbits of Realness and Ani DiFranco got hers going up today on the Rabbits of Realness website, Instagram, and check it out. Ani DiFranco, friend of mine. Thanks for your time.

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