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You are the reason we have survived for so many years. You and other amazing people, generous folks, true believers, from all over the world have been on this journey with us. Today, we are asking you to consider taking another step with us and making a deeper commitment, as we work to bring all our folks home. Together we will shape the future.

Can you become a recurring monthly donor to Prison Radio/RJF?: 

Lynn L is an anti-racist activist and grandmother from Berkeley, California. She shifted her Prison Radio support to a monthly gift in 2021. It allowed her to give a little more and more consistently. Monthly gifts are dependable, consistent, and come right when we need to pay the light bill and the phone bills. 

Did you know that your employer can often match your gift? 

Susie M, a Prison Radio volunteer sound engineer and now an Apple employee, does just that. Apple matches gifts their employees make using Benvity. Once a year, Susie makes a gift through Benevity to the Redwood Justice Fund/Prison Radio. Apple matches the gift dollar for dollar, sometimes $2 to 1, a double match! Ask your company if they do matching grants. It is a great way to amplify your giving. 

Did you know there are tax savings when you make gifts of stock? 

Saving on taxes while supporting abolition; what is not to like about that? Ed recently retired from a tech startup and he wanted to diversify his investment portfolio as one company’s stock had shot up. If he sold his stock and kept the proceeds, he would have to pay a boatload of taxes on that windfall. By transferring the stock to Redwood Justice Fund/Prison Radio, he was able to make a generous gift to our work and keep the government from taking its share to build the military. 

Did you know that most wealth in America is held in property and folks estates? 

Dolly Pomerleau Quixote Center Founder with Noam Chomsky, who is also a Prison Radio supporter.

“I am making plans for a bequest because Prison Radio’s work is game changing, and I have unlimited trust that my donations are being used wisely.”        —Dolly Pomerleau

Join Dolly and put us in your will. Planned giving gifts provide critical capital for program security, operation expansion, and building acquisition. 

Did you know you can do ACH and wire transfers that confirm that we received your gift immediately? 

Collective Liberons Mumia in Paris put money on Mumia’s commissary each month through the use international wire transfers. Our community partners in Puerto Rico AgitArte have supported us using ACH bank transfers. 

Did you know we are a qualified charity for retirement distributions?

Jim Squire, a doctor from Seattle has been supporting political prisoners like Gary Tyler since the early 1970s. He decided that he would use his Required Minimum Distribution from his retirement account to help us out. 

You too can make a fully deductible one time gift through mail or online today. Prison Radio/ Redwood Justice Fund (EIN) 68-0334309 

Mumia made a gift of 5K dollars to Prison Radio/the Redwood Justice Fund this summer.

Prison Radio/Redwood Justice Fund 

PO Box 411074 

San Francisco 94141
For more of any of these ways to give please reach out to or call us at 415-793-7958. And finally, many of the folks above are also long time volunteers. Please come join us: it is a lot of work, but when we fight we win, when we love we win, and when we survive we win.