Prison Radio

The two co-collaborators of From The Other Side are Prison Radio commentator Kenjuan Congo Jr. and Prison Radio intern Lucas Meyer-Lee. From The Other Side is geared toward highlighting social perspectives that are traditionally overlooked by mainstream media. Commentators give listeners a perspective that is literally from … The Other Side!

From the Other Side is a long-form audio project currently based in SCI Chester. Correspondents from the inside are invited to speak on their lived experiences and respond to one another in conversation about the criminal legal system and what they undergo within it.

Current correspondents who have contributed to the project are Kenjuan Congo Jr., Jy’Aire Smith, Matthew Garcia, and Spoon Jackson.

Episode 1: Multifaceted Harm

Featuring Kenjuan Congo Jr., Jy’Aire Smith, Matthew Garcia, Spoon Jackson

“Multifaceted Harm” transcript