Prison Radio
Spoon Jackson

Hello people, this is Spoon Jackson checking in—and want to let people know that I got an album called “No Moon” coming out this year, and you could pick it up at Die Jim Crow Records out of New York.

And also the Rabbits Realness place that I and SaraMarie created, we are in need of a project manager in the rabbit hole to set up different aspects of the Rabbits of Realness creativity that we’re trying to do. And I’d appreciate it if people would- who are interested, please contact me at Spoon Jackson getting out at my website or at SaraMarie Bottaro, or Justice Art Coalition, or even at Prison Radio. Just get in contact with me somewhere because we need a Rabbits of Realness project manager, and we need interns to come in, and I guarantee you what the experience that you will be getting would be very enlightening. We’re gonna begin offering lessons on Shakespeare, on how to understand Shakespeare and Beckett, Samuel Beckett. I’m gonna be personally involved with helping people with their creative writing and coming up with titles for the text that they’re creating. And I got filmmakers that want to be there and willing to help, and animators and radio personalities, and I got artists like Sarah Marie Bottario, and others that are, you know, be there to help people who want to paint and do all that type of stuff, and if you have trouble trying to name a song or book or article or something, you can check in with us at the rabbit hole and we can help you with that too.

So I just wanted to send out a notice that Rabbits of Realness is looking for a project manager, and it’s looking for people who want to be in a rabbit hole with a scene full of creativity. Truth is the justice inside this hole. Thank you for your time, and here’s a little poem I wrote for SaraMarie when she was feeling down. It called, for SaraMarie, winter doesn’t end when summer begins, and spring always brings changing in a new way. So stick to your plans and keep walking away. Winter doesn’t end when summer begins. Reward yourself, pat yourself on the back, for better days are coming in, and spring always bring changes in a new day.

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