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Spoon Jackson

Okay, this is Spoon Jackson at Solano State Prison.

And me and my art friend, Sarah-Marie Bottaro, we’ve got something set up called “The Rabbits of Realness,” and we are asking people to send in a rabbit line to me at, you can set up a text with me or you can send it to, or you can check out the Instagram @rabbitsofrealness and check out some of the quotes of people’s inner rabbit.

I got one from Ani DiFranco, I got it from Noel Hanrahan, and I got them from all kinds of people from all different walks of life, and everybody is enjoying sharing their inner rabbit.And I’m hoping that we could just keep this thing going because we’re gonna do Q and As and share this as far as possible. I got Amy DeFranco, Grammy award winner. She gave her definition of her inner rabbit. So if you’re interested, please contact me, contact Prison Radio with address or something, contact Sarah Bottaro. I have my website,, you can go there.

And also, we are looking for an intern to help with the Rabibits of Realness. If you enjoy it and like it and want to help out, you can do that. And also need somebody to help out with the website. And we can offer you some expertise in all kinds of areas if you choose to become a part of Rabbits of Realness.

So thank you very much, and this is a year of the rabbit. Hopefully the year of Spoon Jackson getting the chance to taste freedom on a real level, cause the dark clouds have lifted a bit, but it’s still a wait and see thing. Right now the courts are not too clear about how they’re going to approach the racial justice law or the resentencing law or the Franklin case which allows people to go to court who came in 18 to 25. And so it’s a waiting game right now.

But the main thing is that we are offering some realness in the form of rabbits of realness, and please send me your inner rabbit line Everybody got a inner rabbit too. People think they don’t, but you do. You got a rabbit. Anya’s inner rabbit is a squirrel, and Ani De Frankel’s inner rabbit is timid, but it’s very brave. And Ella said her in a rabbit was a dog, sometimes a puppy chasing his tail, sometimes an old dog under shade tree.

And you could do inner rabbits about people that have passed on, about planets, having babies, or whatever. You can talk about anything within your inner rabbit. It is just a celebration of creativity, a celebration of life, a celebration of realness. So we’d appreciate anyone who would like to help out or- just share your lines, your inner rabbit.

Thank you very much. Spoon Jackson. Please contact.

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