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  • 50 years old
  • 14 years of incarceration
  • Currently at Central Mississippi Correctional Facility

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Amy Buckley has published 1 commentary. Latest commentary:
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Women, Please Unite 06:01 06/22/15

Contact Info

Amy Buckley, 150005

CMCF 2A C-296

P.O. Box 88550

Pearl MS 39288


Amy Buckley is currently located at Central Mississippi Correctional Facility. She has written several pieces in the San Francisco Bay View, a publication that reports on the lived experiences of those who are incarcerated. In her articles, she writes about corruption in her correctional facility involving the mistreatment of her peers as well as the lack of healthcare provided to prisoners like herself. She remains an outspoken advocate for incarcerated people to be treated like human beings, and her commentary for Prison Radio—as well as her consistent activism in her correctional facility—reflects that determination.


Title Date

Amy Buckley in Mississippi prison: I will not give up until I receive the medical care I deserve

Amy Buckley: ‘Any friend you make will be moved away from you’